The WCTI Water Conservation System is the only chemical free system in the State of Hawaii. This system allows you to cool your building without the use of chemicals allowing your company to come one step closer to going green and lowering your monthly water treatment costs.


How the System Works

  • Proprietary HES Pre-Conditioning system removes scale forming ions from tower make-up
  • Permits unlimited makeup water concentrations
  • Silica concentrates without deposition
  • Silica chemistry protects metals from high TDS corrosion
  • High TDS and pH inhibits bio & pathogen growth
  • The only material used is salt, an inexpensive and sustainable natural commodity



The Benefits of Going Chemical Free

  • Reduces chemical treatment cost by 50% or more
  • Non-toxic chemistry and cost effective elimination of discharge
  • No chemical handling and storage
  • Reduced testing and operator time
  • Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup source waters
  • Eliminated “bleed & feed” water waste and chemical costs


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