Non-Chemical Water Treatment

The WCTI Water Conservation System is a patented, non-chemical water treatment system for cooling towers.  This system uses proprietary high efficiency softening technology to treat the make-up water to the cooling tower.  After the make-up water goes through the WCTI system and into the cooling tower, it is able to prevent scale, corrosion, and biofouling in the condenser system.  Naturally occurring silica in Hawaii’s water protects metals from corrosion.

Application Experience:

  • 10 yrs for potable water applications
  • Clients include data centers, food, commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities.
  • Can provide up to 3 LEED points!


  • Reduces tower water use significantly
  • Ideal for Hawaii’s high silica make-up water
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Reduces water-carbon footprint
  • Flexible to match your system size/demand
  • Economical design, simple operation with low installation cost!
  • Green program, good for your facility, good for the environment!

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